We now provide libraries of macrocyclic molecules produced by proprietary chemical technology to use for lead generation both those of natural origin and semi-synthetic derivatives of natural products, and those designed and synthesized based on principles of medicinal chemistry.

Macrocyclic natural products and their synthetic derivatives are becoming increasingly important as they have evolved to fulfil numerous biochemical functions, and their profound pharmacological properties have led to their development as drugs. Macrocyclic molecules offer a way to provide drug-protein interactions that cover a larger surface area than traditional small molecules. This can result in high affinity and selectivity for protein targets, while preserving sufficient bioavailability to reach intracellular locations. With the increasing awareness of concepts of drug-likeness and the dangers of ‘molecular obesity’, functionalized macrocyclic scaffolds could provide a way to generate ligand-efficient molecules with enhanced properties.

More information and examples can be found from the downloaded files: