Focused Libraries

Research and development of synthetic pathways for the production of the most complex molecules

We offer a wide variety of unique Focused Library sets targeting Kinases, GPCRs and some other enzymes. There are also Focused Libraries targeting specific sub-families of biological targets. Thus our Kinase Library contains over a dozen subsets of compounds with specific kinase activity and our GPCR Library similarly has ten subsets of compounds.

To assemble a set of compounds with particular biological activity we carefully selected known pharmacophores and novel inhibitors from the recent patents, literature and available databases. This information was further filtered with our proprietary computational methods, as well as PSA, ClogP, Tanimoto similarity and other predictions. Each set contains between 300 and 1000 compounds in amounts from 1mg to 5mg in the clients desired form; vials, plates, dry form, or dissolved in DMSO. General purity levels are 90%-95%.

Lead-time for delivery can be short as two weeks, depending on the number of samples that have been selected.


More information and examples can be found from the downloaded files: